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fucksake # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 5:20 am


1) You are the one who seems to see things in black and white

2) I am not religious in any way , or hold any political views

3) Please use paragraphs, you’re lucky i even read your wall of text

4) Drug addicts, homeless? Did you forget starving african children as well ? Whats your point ? Yeah life doesnt “work out” for everyone, i respect drug addicts shameless pursuit of pleasure , way more than people who look to the doctor for their own release from negative thought patterns

5) All your precious “psychology” has done is convince others that they are truly sick. Maybe you should look at some sociology instead of believing in “diagnosis” that is based on unquantifiable results, and medication that youll be complaining about even more than the problem.

Of course you will never want to observe your thoughts and actions ! that would take too much willpower and effort ! Then proceed to insult everyone that tells you theres nothing medically wrong with you.

” B-b-but the psychologists said so!!”

you’re probably the sort of person that believes in Seasonal affective disorder .

You know how they find out if you have these mental illnesses ? you fill out a fucking check list ! rofl ! go there on a bad day and fill out the check list… congratulations … now you have an ” illness” , for life.

but i digress, throw insults at me some more, when i have done nothing but try to help you more than the money hoarding , greedy , lying , “mental illness” industry ever will.