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Anonymous # Posted on October 26, 2013 at 2:19 pm

The collective unconscious: In the last few generations, we discovered two invisible forces: electricity and electromagnetic (radio) waves. No one believed they existed a few hundred years ago. In this generation, we are going to discover a new invisible force I call the collective unconscious mind.

It is the force, or part of the force, that gives us continuity from one life to another. Without it, there could be no evolution.

Holy Spirit: The Bible calls it the Holy Spirit and the book of life. Just as the Bible says, it contains everything we do and controls our evolution.

Emergence: A guiding force keeps us on track. It is the only part of our mind that is not destroyed when our bodies die, and it can pass through physical death with us. It is outside of our bodies and independent of our bodies.

X factor: It is why ants, bees, a school of fish or a flock of birds move like one big organism. It is why in the right environment, DNA and life will form from the random movement of inorganic molecules. There is a subtle intelligence. Why is it that everything seems to be guided by a God or some kind or universal, omnipresent intelligence? A new science called “emergence” is studying the phenomena. Most things can be explained by known forces, but not everything.

The reason we have not discovered this force yet is because it is very subtle, even though it gives order to literally everything. It will be impossible to detect or measure on any instruments we have now. We cannot see it, but we can see what it does. We know it exists because we can see its effects. This X factor, along with random chance and the survival of the fittest, has resulted in the evolution of life. The collective unconscious is this X factor, or is at the very least interacting with it. It connects us on a subconscious level with the minds of all other life.


Dark energy: Scientists say that more than ninety-percent of the universe is made up of something they call dark matter and dark energy. They know it is there because of its gravitational effects on things they can see, but that is all they know about it. They are saying they do not know what ninety-percent of the universe is. This dark energy could be where we find the collective unconscious. We know the collective unconscious exists for the same reasons; we can see its effects on life. At this time, the only way we can know the collective unconscious mind exists is that it has to. We needed help to get to where we are now.

Old man in the sky: It would be easy to imagine that the helper is a God that looks like us (our image), but there is no evidence of that. It has to be more like a very subtle, invisible form of energy, like gravity and/or electromagnetic waves, or something we have not discovered yet that is like them, in that it affects life.

Putting the force that controls life in a human body worked in the ancient past, because primitive people did not know about invisible forms of energy. Unknown forces of nature were explained by saying a God did it. Since then, our knowledge has evolved and progressed. Now we know about unseen forces. We know that they are just a form of energy.

Intelligent design exists; religions just do not know what it is yet.
The collective unconscious is not alive. It is just a part of our minds, an extension of our minds, not a separate life form. The collective unconscious is something like gravity that connects all of us. Jesus calls it the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, “The Holy Spirit will teach you all things.”

Carl Jung also used the term “collective unconscious.” I use it to describe something much more powerful than he does. I use the same term because it best describes the phenomenon I am attempting to explain. We do not know much about it yet. That will change in this generation. I have a theory:

Universal mind: Just as magnetic tape and disks store information on computers, gravity and/or a similar form of all pervasive energy could collect and store all of our minds’ information. It also could process the information by mixing with the collective unconscious of all other life on Earth and even with life in other worlds. Like a computer, it can be accessed and used to translate information back to people as inspiration, etc. Some people can tune in and download a revelation or a song, a work of art, or a book like this one. All we can be sure of is it is possible to communicate with some kind of universal mind.

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