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Cody # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 1:47 pm

@mossorrogers, Can discreetly shout out an alias for what you’re looking for and someone will approach you eventually, hopefully not law enforcement :P Ask if anyone’s seen “Lucy” for acid, or “Molly” for mdma.

@tangledupinplaid21 has a pretty good example from her last music festival: “At these infamous “Phish shows” there are parking lot areas where people congregate for a few hours prior to the shows. You do not have to look for drugs at these parking lots. You walk around and hear people subtly yet pointedly call out names of various drugs. Near the end of one of the lots an older gentleman called out “liquid” and we told him we’re interested. He proceeded to drop the clear fluid(a drop each, though in retrospect I think they were more like little puddles) directly into our palms. We decided to get 2 each, for good measure. He told us to enjoy the show and we walked back to our group of friends, getting prepared for the long walk to the venue where the show would start.”