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lifegamer # Posted on October 22, 2013 at 4:44 am

A computer is only as smart as the input it receives…”It is what it eats”, so to speak, much like anything else. The input is human-based information.

However! Unlike human, who still imagines & works in the delusion that it is separate from every other human, robotic input is the conglomeration of a many-brained base…pretty much the epitome of combined genius.

Considering that our little PCs can already ‘correct’ our shortcomings individually…Oh, the things that make ya go “Hmmm…???”

Logic is a funny thing…It is what becomes of the facts of present understandings. Volatile, at the very least! But, to-date, most of human existence is based in being volatile, yes? We seem to have a penchant for stuff that explodes, implodes, and are highly entertained by destruction. Even our society is based in volatile methodology & perceptions…mainly because the bases of their functionality are logic-minded-only…they are not easily adjusted to move with higher understanding or refined facts…ergo, primitively unsustainable in nature. And doesn’t this reflect Our present beingness?

I personally find amusement that humans are ever-attempting to create a ‘perfection’…”in their own image” (sound too familiar?), yet have not yet near-mastered their own creativity of their Selfs. We still have little knowing of the power WE, as a wholly focused organism, possess, nor See what WE are capable of outside of ‘managed’ conditionings. (This is a fabulously adjustable ‘fact’, btw.)

Next ‘fact’…If We, the ‘peon majority’, are even aware of the possibility of AI, it already exists and is already in use militarily. Military finds no need for emotion…in their eyes this is a weakness that must be eliminated of their forces. Examine This, as well as the dysfunction their human forces experience when reintroduced to ‘the nature of society’. Here lies your greatest means of ‘con’ to the ‘pro’ of AI…It goes against Our Nature…All Nature, here, Earth. HEB (highly evolved beings) have no use for such things, btw…They have a higher Understanding of their own Nature…having ‘survived’ of similar experience.

Best to you in future debates with your profs…Set yourself up for the argument as if you were up against a Major-General of the Marines…Have fun with that! I’d love to See what you come up with in such regard. Rock on! :D