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James # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 5:16 pm

@bono95zg, what he said

I guess this question boils down to the “soul” question. Put simply, is there something outside of physical reality? Are our emotions, are thoughts and feelings, external to the laws of matter? Is there something beyond the electrical signals in our brains? Or are all those things that arise that we consider unique to humans simply physical phenomena, subject to the same laws as everything else.

If it is the latter, than you have to concede that artificial intelligence can and will one day surpass that of humans. After all, those electrical signals are essentially just 1’s and 0’s. It is the pattern in which those signals form that give rise to our thoughts and feelings. Which would make “human intelligence” completely repeatable in “artificial” form.

Otherwise, you must believe that there is something that exists outside of physical reality that we have not yet discovered. Some immeasurable spiritual side that where these emotions and thoughts and feelings arise. In which case, you are branching off into a whole different territory science does not yet recognize… which is perfectly fine, science by its very nature is not perfect and is always adapting. Just be aware that this is essentially an improvable side to take.

Thats the way I see this argument breaking down anyway. Either you fall on the side that sees all of existence as a physical manifestation, or you believe there is some non physical entity that somehow exerts its “will” on the physical world.