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Ray Butler # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 8:01 pm

@cyberdream, A human can attain wisdom by combination of compassion and logic, AI is certainly capable of logic but compassion is inextricably bound to emotion. On one hand, the lack of emotion means it is unaffected by desire, fear, guilt, pride, all these counter-productive aspects humans are limited by, but then they are also unaffected by love, compassion, beauty, joy, all these things that elevate humanity.

I think logic can cause AI to attain a wise conclusion, after all; even the ignorant will eventually arrive at wisdom if only by exhausting all other options, but the question is if the wisdom that serves them will also serve us.

I could go into the singularity, but I believe that if an AI has no emotion then they would not be bothered by the inefficiencies of humans and so would not see us as something requiring elimination, but if they do become capable of emotion then they would be able to relate to us and understand our inefficiencies and appreciate our distinctiveness.

Perhaps logic would also find them arriving at the conclusions of universal consciousness, that we are actually family on the most fundamental levels.