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Mitch # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 4:21 pm

@grantgodfrey7, @kidd, What im trying to say is that what you feel for your family is not love, its something else. Maybe its affection maybe its just you care about them because they care about you. But frankly the only reason your family cares about you is because they are your family. If you were not related to them they would not care. Do you care about some random person you see walking across the street, no.

In my opinion you cannot love anyone in your life that you did not choose. Even your own kids if you have them. Lets say you have a kid that is pure evil. They become the worlds worst cereal killer, and torture and kill hundreds. Would you still love them? No. But society tell you you have too because they are your child. What you feel for your child is not love, its a strong parenting instinct that makes you feel the need to protect and provide for your them.

Love is a magical emotion that evokes deep feelings of passion and affection for someone else. Love, of course, is associated with sex. When you love someone you have sex with them almost as a testament to your love. Its not like you are going to have sex with anyone in your family, thats just messed up.

When you get married to someone, in most cases, you really love them. You make the choice to be with them forever. If you believe in an afterlife, forever is a real long time. Neither you, nor your family made a choice to be with you forever. Sure your parents made the choice to have a kid but they did not pick and choice what kind of person you would be. They did not choice to be with you forever, they just choose to add another member to the family for better or worse. This is in no way the same as getting married.

Love for your wife will always be more real then “love” for your family simply because you have the choice to be with anyone in the world and you choose her.

These are just my opinions based on my own experiences. Im not trying to offend anyone, just sharing my thoughts on love.