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Anonymous # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 7:08 pm

A mother can give her child away for adoption. A mother can treat her child so badly to have them taken away by child care services. A father can abuse his child. To an extent, a family IS chosen. No, I did not choose my mother out of a Parent shelter from a bunch of other mothers in cages, and in turn, she did not do so with me. But she did not also give me away for adoption. or pawn me off on some other family member because she didn’t like who I was, and I in turn did not chose to live with another family member, or other, because I did not like her.

My love for my family members is a choice. I love my mother for being a big part of who I am, for her sense of humor, and for her wisdom. Not because she is just my mother.

No one is making you like or love your family, but I think you’re missing the point entirely, and I also think you’re intentionally pushing something away because of a somewhat childish and narrow minded argument, and in turn, missing out on something that could be potentially wonderful.

And no, obviously no love is equal. I do not love my brother like I love my mother, and I do not love my mother like I love my spouse. But I do carry them all in my heart, with love.