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Mitch # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 12:55 am

@deafening, Fair point, but to an extent it is extremely unlikely that someone would really walk out on their family. But the people that do i would say agree with my point, that they do not have to love their families if they don’t want to.

Your parents do make that concise decision to raise you and care for you, but would they had they known how you would be as an adult? Our relationships with our families seem far to important to me.

Lets say i really needed to talk to someone, i would not talk to my father or mother i would talk to my best friend. I would say that that means i value his opinion and trust him more than my family. Does that mean i love him? No, not at all. But i do deeply value his friendship. And on top of that, we choose to be friends, we were not forced to. If there is a clearer definition of love they way you describe it is with your family that would be it; deeply valuing someone and respecting them and knowing they helped shape who you are. That is not love. Thats admiration. If that is love then i guess i love my friend and not my family.