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Ray Butler # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 9:15 am

I remember hearing somewhere “You don’t have to like your family but you’ve gotta love em” but regardless of how any of you or I feel about institutionalized religion, what Jesus says about the subject of Love is, to my opinion, irrefutable. Especially in the Sermon on the mount, but you may recall he said “Continue to love your enemies and pray for their salvation”. So if you cannot even do this for the people closest to you in life then you could never hope to do so for any other person in the world.
But it is the people closest to us that can cause the greatest pain, as we have dirrect contact with them, but it is an opportunity, and I would not demand forgiveness because that I do not think is vital or in the way of the spirit of love. The spirit of love is letting go of the attachment of vengence, so it has nothing to do with forgiving them but about allowing you to move on and not destroy your life for the sake of one beneath you, or one not so fortunate to have your sensibilities on goodness.
(Since I am in the mood for quoting the Godfather) “Do not hate your enemies, it clouds your judgement”