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Bobby # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 8:11 am

@mitchapalooza, Love is about progress not perfection. I agree with seriously everything that manimal told you. I don’t feel that he is being an asshole to you, he is just being straight forward. I would have told you the same a few days ago, but you seem to have your mind made up so I thought it would be a waste of time.
A lot of people get defensive and pissed off when they are called out for being wrong. Thats fine. You can’t grow though until you get over your initial reaction and move towards a progressive stance. Why are these people picking on me? Because they hate me? No. Because they see that you are putting yourself through pain and they want to help you grow. I’ve never come across anyone with ill intentions on this site, manimal included.
You come across like a pissed off teenager, and that is probably what you are. You are far from the only one who has been verbally or physically abused by their parents. You dont know what I have been through, and I don’t know what you have been through. Lets start giving everyone the respect they deserve. You have automatically dismissed everyone elses opinion in this forum. When I disagreed, you automatically claimed that I didn’t understand. Of course I understand that my love for my friends and family is different than my love for my spouse. Do you assume that i have the intellect of an eight year old? The argument is over the nature of love and what it means.
The truth is that you hate yourself. You are projecting your self hatred onto your family and blaming them for the way you are. If you loved yourself then you could never hate your family. They made you who you are.
There is nothing inherently wrong with you. From what I can see you are an intelligent, and attractive young man. You have everything anyone else has. But you choose to cling on to your anger and your bitterness. You have to let it go or it will eat your soul. You will never be punished for your anger, but always be punished by your anger. Choose to grow.
Move out of your parents home. It seems like proximity may be the problem. I moved away from my parents when I was 15.
Thats my bit, take it for what its worth. You can also choose to dismiss the whole thing and say I don’t know what I am talking about. Thats fine.
Best of luck to you Mitch. I will be praying for you and your family.