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Mitch # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:32 pm

Maybe im just doing a bad job explaining myself. The real question i am posing, the reason behind this, my main point is: can you love someone when you are “forced to.” Is that real love? Can you really love your family when you didnt choose them and they turn our to be bad people? Would you still consider it love when you respect your family but do not get along with them. Would you consider love for a spouse stronger then love of a family member? Should there be two words for love? i.e love of family and friends and love of spouse.

These are the questions to be discussed. Not my personal relationships with my family, nor anyone else’s. I dont understand why everyone feels the need to try and tell me what love is. I know what it is, i have been in love before. Ill im asking for is a nice civil discussion on the topic.