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SinD Rae # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 7:15 pm

@emnes, I went on a camping trip to Grand Gulch one year with a college class. One night we dug out a sweat lodge and participated in group mediation. During it my professor asked if anyone else saw an array of colors and shapes when they had their eyes closed or if it was just him because of past trips. Surprisingly I was the only one who also saw colors, and I mean fucking beautiful moving colors, with blinking lights and crazy images.
I don’t really think it was because we were the only two people who had experimented with hallucinogens, but I did find it interesting no one else saw or wanted to admit to seeing these crazy things.
Also whenever I am tripping and am having an extremely moving experience, I can see blinking lights like cop lights, white, blue, and red, really tiny in the distance of the back of my eyelids. Anyone else experience this?