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The_truth_is_ # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Cheating, the act of going behind a person’s back and doing something that they explicitly don’t want you to do, is always wrong. If your partner allows you to go and screw around, but gives certain restrictions (like, use a condom), and you break that restriction, I would consider it cheating. If you don’t, I’d consider it just sex, because that’s all it is: sex with someone else. And sex is NOT a bad thing.

It is extremely difficult to forgive someone who has broken the boundaries of such a strong bond and I don’t think it’s forgivable. I think there will always be a hint of doubt and uncertainty and that those things will hinter the growth required by a good relationship.

That being said, the argument over monogamy is irrelevant. Whether it was made-up or not, it doesn’t HAVE TO APPLY to everyone. Get over yourself. Your opinion doesn’t encompass everyone. Because you like to have multiple partners, or because you like your partner having multiple partners doesn’t mean that everyone will like that, just like not everyone has to like cheese pizza. If some people do, that’s their thing. If they don’t, well that’s their thing, too. You can still be faithful in both and you can still cheat on your partner(s) in both.