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LeftyLefty # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 4:50 pm

I don’t advocate polygamy, but to quickly assume your relationship to be a committed monogamous relationship is only misleading yourselves.

I made that mistake. to make a long story short, I met a girl, did everything to be faithful, stayed with her for more than 10 years, only to find it wasn’t working, it wasn’t meant to be.

but at the same time, nothing guarantees that you’d meet the Mrs Right either. so you’d have to take a chance on ONE person without an opportunity to compare with perhaps other girls (or boys? all this is just the moral social pressure imposed on us. it’s so against the nature of our animal instinct.

in some of South American countries, people date multiple mates at the same time, to test the water so to say, until you feel very comfortable with the right person, and THEN you’d become exclusive. This, I can understand, and I find this method way more logical than you can only date the first person you find attractive and ignore all the other options just because, almost to a point of being sadistic. I’m not saying South Americans wouldn’t cheat. but at least they have a better idea of what they are getting into when they go exclusive.

so you might want to question how you ended up in a relationship where you had picked this person somehow to be one and only in the first place.