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Ryan # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 5:19 pm

It’s a personal thing, we all have our own set morals which we make decisions by. Anyone could give you what they have come to believe is right but what you believe is important for this is a question that only you can truly answer based upon your understanding. There is no right or wrong, but we can come by these answers by simply asking yourself questions and laying down the facts so we can find which route will make you happy. This clearly is a devastating and emotionally harsh experience but it does happen and can definitely steer you away from wanting to love someone who has caused such pain. I like to already accept these possibilities but if you know you can’t trust the person once again then I, personally, wouldn’t want to risk it. Keep in mind that if they truly care about you, it’s unlikely that will fuck up a second time, having seen the pain it has caused you. Hope this works out for you!