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brice # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 7:24 pm

@mallorn, I think you have a very pessimistic partly based on what you describe as weak family ties. I’ll assume the majority of people in this conversation are single (as myself). But I have loved and know what it feels like, how the simple things become amazing. I support adoption wholeheartedly, my sister was adopted at birth.

, If you have someone that compliments you why would you not want to join them in the creation of life? I have many cousin’s, nieces, and friends with kids. The sound of a child’s laughter, to watch there mind expand as they take in the knowledge of our world, nothing is could touch me more than this. We are products of our environment, so create a loving home and your kids will love.
Oh how i could delve into the subject…
Most importantly what you dont like in yourself and in your parents, expel that part so as not to pass it one. The world is truly full of terrible people, so create someone that isn’t.
Thank you @stick2skript, for your impute, realize that you do not have to be like them, BE BETTER because it’s in, you just have to look