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Tim W. # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 8:35 am

I think a point of emphasis certainly is that Jesus’ demonstration of higher consciousness makes him an ideal model for humanity, but not “better” than you or I. It’s like a high school senior vs. a Kindergartener. The Senior is not “better” than the Kindergartener of consciousness, but just more informed and better educated about the higher aspects of reality. It was Jesus’ desire to raise all people up to his “Senior” level. I think that even makes him a kind of a “savior” because if you followed his ways and “believed in him” you would be led to a greater and more fulfilling life. This is what “Eternal” Life is. Eternity is more than just forever, it is the fullest potential of NOW. To “believe” in Jesus is to have faith that his teachings will lead you to this “Eternal” life. But that does require a high level of faith, not only in Jesus, but in yourself. Jesus wanted people to believe in their selves much more than he would “require” them to believe in him. I think that’s what made him a great man – he made others see the highest potential in themselves. I believe he had this ability to look a person in the eye and reflect back to them exactly what they needed to see in order to see themselves as Sons of God.