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Ray Butler # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 7:23 am

@phoggy, “Christ” is just the messianic title they assigned to the personage of Jesus. People get confused and treat Jesus as an Idol, that is actually blasphemy, all he is is a key to unlock the treasure chest of life. He taught people how to love, how to recognise it within themselves and do their best to behave according to it, but also to recognise hate and walk away from it.

That is all Jesus is, nothing beyond that, a teacher. He has great insight but it is just a result of him being in touch with the universal love that flows through all things, anyone can tune into it and so anyone can be up to his standard. It is just about living in your nature, being true to yourself, all this divinity stuff floating around it is just pillow talk, over dramatizing it all.