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max # Posted on March 27, 2013 at 9:24 pm

@freethynker7, before the big bang etc etc there was “nothing” just an infinite puddle of possibility we sometimes call god or source or the original dimension etc. This original being was infinite and complete at the same time, It could not be added to, or taken away from nor manipulated in any way, there was nothing else outside of this singular infinite mass. At some point this being realised there were ways it could experience more than just infinite completeness, And BOOM!! the big bang exploded as an idea in the imagination within the mind of god, but god doest do thing one at a time, minute by minute, Our reality on earth along with every other possible existence were manifested in the “mind of god” as a dream, an intricate imagining, a grand harmonius scale of creation. And that is where we come in. Each human is god in physical incarnation, experienceing every possible facet of his being simultaniously. You are just one of gods infinite possibilities, looking out from an individual perspective with the goal of one day coming to the realisation, that this is what you, and everything really is, one of gods favourite dreams. Amen