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daniel # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 9:11 am

Yes,i agree,and i tried to emphasize that it is not available for all people, “however what i’m trying to propose is that there are things that all humans have in common(well,almost all)” .

If i failed to point that these traits do not apply to every single human,is my mistake, i am well aware of the cases that you are presenting,however,the majority of people are quided by these principels.The people who want a better world are quided by these needs,this are the people i’m interested in and and i would argue that beneath the social conditioning everybody wants better not worse.

I’m not sure what makes a sociopath or a psychopat but from my observation of the world so far(i’m 23) i believe that the main causes are enviromental,not genetical.My intuition and observation of society tells me that sociopaths and psychopaths are made,not born.If somebody knows of a study who proves otherwise,please share.I’m well aware that i can be wrong regarding this fact.Don’t get me wrong,i’m always willing to change my opinion on the base of provable facts.

I have not heard of the “maslows hierarchy of needs”,but now that you mention,i will look into it.

We get lost in talking about things that we don’t really understand,at least on this website who deals with very unconventional subjects,subjects that the common fellow of the 21 century doesn’t pay that much atention.I would argue that every single user of this site has a different definition of consciousness,ego,philosophy.. concepts like this.

Difference is easy to spot in human beings,i’m saying that common goals are harder to see,because nobody wants to be common,they want to be different,smarter,succesfull,wiser than the rest,this appears to be an unconscious need.

You can’t begin building a house with the roof,you have to start with the base.Every single person on here wants a better world but we will never do it alone. New age phylosophy says we are one.That is a bunch of hypothetical crap.Everybody has a different definition of the “we are one” part.Even if it’s true that we are one,whatever that means,if we can’t really understand what that means and how we can, in a practical way translate that principle into our day to day life,all we are left with is an ideea that gives us hope for a future that we can’t really understand.We need to start understanding common traits of humans,practical,that can be applied,not only hypothethical,and apply them into the basic idea of future societies that people around here want to build.It’s easy to spot common needs of humans,but it’s harder to fully understandand and accept that they apply to all humans.