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Manimal # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 1:42 am

Dunno, man. I’m here, my consciousness is here, so obviously it’s got local properties.

I am conscious of being here, being now. I’m not conscious of being anywhere else or at any point in time. Sounds local to me.

I can observe my thoughts, feelings, sensory input, here and now, but nobody else’s. I can theorize/imagine about others’ thoughts and feelings and whatnot, but that’s using the creative mind, not observation. Consciousness appears to be within me, aka local.

I know that I am, I know that I see and think. I can see that I am a separate being, I can distance myself from other lifeforms or shut myself down, but I am still conscious and I still AM. This implies, to me, that my consciousness is mine.

I’m in my mind, not in anyone else’s. Nobody else is in my mind. I am conscious of me being an individual. Sounds very much local to me.

I see no evidence of a nonlocal consciousness. Only theories, but theories are imagination, not observation. They tend to bring more illusions than clarity.