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Cody # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 4:55 pm

@ijesuschrist, Yep, the 69ron dry tek. Based with calcium hydroxide, pulled with d-limo, then pulled from that with diluted hcl solution, then evapped. It’s actually quite a bit of work for what you get, but still worth the experience.’s_D-Limonene_Mescaline_Extraction#cite_note-1

The most difficult part is diluting the hcl to the right ph. I bought mine as muriatic acid which is already diluted hcl but I had to dilute it much further, like 8 drops in 100ml h2o is my zone. Even a ninth drop makes a huge difference and it pulls out a lot more gunk. I have a bunch more tips I could give if you decide to try it.