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Bryan Hellard # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 9:31 pm

@trek79, I’m not sure if this is a deception, but I’ve been noticing recently (more then recently, for the past year or so) that in social situations I am very much a mirror. I don’t know how to act, so I mirror what other people do. To an extent of course.

If everyone’s being nerdy, I be nerdy. If everyone’s being sporty, I be sporty. If everyone’s eating with a fork in their left hand, I put my fork in my left hand. Anything. I mirror others a lot, and I can notice that my responses change as well. I speak differently around different people.

Now, this may be a deception, because I am not acting “as myself”, but then I’ve asked myself the question “What am I? What are the actions that I take that are “mine” and not just a reflection? Or perhaps that fact that I am a reflector is what I am, that is what makes me me.”

Like I said, this works only to an extent, I never cave into peer pressure, so if I don’t want to do something, I don’t (for example, I’ll go to a party, and everyone will be drinking, but I don’t like drinking so no matter how many times people offer me a drink, I don’t take it).

This may not be totally on topic, nor what you wanted to talk about, but it’s what I thought of, and I hope it is of some interest to you.