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Jeslyn # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 10:17 pm


I was just talking about this with others actually.

But yes, lying; deceit. It is everywhere. It bleeds into everything. Anywhere you are where humans are trying to control other humans. Not always harmful, sometimes harmful–but deceit all the same. Whether it is for the greater good, or for greedy selfish reasons. Power, money, love, peace, growth, hate, war, industry, entertainment, government, history, society, civilization.

History in general struck me as interesting if viewed through a lens searching for accuracy, to eliminate deceit. It’s impossible.

Because all written recorded history is biased. Deceit in itself, a twisted form of a lie. Perhaps not always intentional, but unavoidable. It is why one must gather evidence from wide variety of different sources, drawing from every single possible relevant account to create a more complete unbiased picture and even THEN, that account will be slightly skewed by the one compiling it all.

It is a funny thing. It is a powerful thing. You lie to yourself, to others, you are lied to, it is everywhere.

It is perceived as a negative initially, but yes the deeper you go into deceit and lies–well there are many sides to anything that has to do with human subjectivity, even deceit itself. How ironic.