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SBas # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 4:25 am

@trek79 You say its like ‘showing off skills we don’t really possess.’ I agree totally and you’re right that the best evidence of it is on the internet (a great place for self advertising). Many have become so fixated with presenting themselves in a certain way; instead of just BEING in the moment, just expressing themeslves regardless of the few errors they make, upload whatever display picture they have of themselves without thinking to much about it, ‘liking’ what they truly like and understand (not a book that they have never read or band they barely listen to) etc

I suppose since we all use a raft of non physical communication methods now we tend to be a tad over sensitive about subjectivity and start fearing being ridiculed, criticised, misunderstood or not percieved the way we like. Since we cannot read behaviour, facial expressions etc on the internet, we just want to put out there the well edited, photoshoped and overly polished version of ourselves. People want good first impressions and that involves a fair bit of hard work on the internet compared in real physical situations.