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Jeslyn # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 8:58 am


Ok fair enough, perhaps another thread will be good to talk about such things. With your topic here:

I think it makes perfect sense, this form of deception-if you’re talking about impressing and attracting members of the opposite sex specifically, survival, and reproduction.

Our survival basics are pretty much taken care of for us these days–it is not so difficult to find food, water, shelter. Requires little time in the grand scheme of things and amount of time we have to dedicate to survival. Excess assessment of this spills over into everything to do with attracting the best possible mate. How do we do that? Well the best possible mate is going to be different from person to person, genetic variance. But our outward appearance/way we present ourselves is a huge way to broadcast what we are to potential partners. Well, duh- haha.

As well as media influence skews our natural attraction, definitely–but it plays off the same instinctual concept. A good mate, a strong mate, very masculine, very feminine, or a good balance of both, the yin to your yang–clean, good hygiene, status symbols, money gathering, job security, attractiveness, persona–they’re all products of reproductive drive in my opinion. A way to prove our worth to the best potential people we can make babies with, within civilization.

It’s very interesting as it’s been this way for quite some time. Before it was important to marry your daughter off to the most well-off man who wanted her–that would ensure a good future for their children. A man with status and wealth looked for the most reproductively suitable wife–young, pretty, vital. They altered dress and mannerisms for attraction purposes as well and flaunted whatever status they had.

Now, well, yes, not quite that severe anymore; some people don’t even care. Very interesting.

Good stuff!

So on the internet? Well of course intelligence is a huge factor in attraction. Showcasing you know how to spell things correctly, or at least care it’s presented well does a couple things.

1. Boosts your credibility. i’m not GOnna lissen or even giv much of my time to sumone who types lyke this.

2. Vocabulary and sentence structure reflect education. Being educated is one of those status things I was talking about.

3. Makes you easy to understand. If you can condense your idea into an easily readable format–simplify-more people will be able to understand you. And we all want to be understood, as you’ve already said.