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Jeslyn # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 11:31 am


That is one side to “being nice”. The manipulative side.

Intention of the persona you project is important. If it’s for ourselves, fine. People can adjust their subjective views on us how they like, and we’re ok with that. If it’s for control…that gets very touchy.

You’ve made a good point. Not the only point though.

I am personally happiest when “being nice”. If people like me for it, cool. It’s not out of character for me, I’m not trying to manipulate anyone to like me, it’s in my nature, and it makes me happy.

Remember not to lump all “nice” people into that category. Some simply enjoy being nice, for their own self-deceptive reasons, perhaps, but not all have the intention of merely “getting people to like you”. You are happiest as a self-proclaimed ‘ass’. I am happiest as a self-proclaimed ‘nice’ person. You’re manipulating people with your ass-like qualities too you know, they’re viewing you in the way you wish to be viewed, as that is the persona you’re projecting. Your perspective is correct for you. Mine is correct for me.

Just another side of this coin you’ve tossed.