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Manimal # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 12:05 pm

@jeslyntweedie, It’s not one side, it’s supplication in all its “glory.”

I’m not talking about being genuinely nice, I’m talking about supplicating. I think you missed the point.
What is it with women and “defending” the social code?

“And what’s with this stuff about me being happiest as a self-proclaimed ‘ass.’?”
That’s PREJUDICE! You don’t even know me. You’ve just formed that idea from your interpretation of me.
I’m a nice guy, really. But I don’t supplicate. And I don’t talk in “forceful” ways unless it’s called for.
And thanks for calling me an ass btw, that’s really nice of you… *eyes rolling like crazy* haha. I’m not being an ass, that’s just YOUR INTERPRETATION.
And I really don’t see how labelling someone an asshat goes along with you being such a nice person. It’s contradictory. See my point here?
You’re the one doing the name-calling.

I’m not manipulating anyone with my “ass-like qualities.” How someone reacts to that is up to them, I have no intention with my posts other than relaying a message.
The only form of manipulation I do, is accepting the role of the scapegoat, it’s the most effective and effortless form of manipulation, whoever is held responsible is given the power. A politician/monarch/authority is really just a scapegoat, that’s why they get so much power. I can not do that over the internet, and I have no wish to do that to anyone on this site.
And it’s really not me doing anything, it’s just people blaming me. I simply accept the role as the subject of others’ self-deception. But I don’t do that with people who are supposed to be great, such as you. It’s not nice to take the blame, it’s nice to call people out on their bullshit. Because that’s how you can REALLY help people grow.

As for the “it’s just in my nature” part, it’s really just a thought pattern. Nobody was created nice or mean, it’s all determined by the behaviour you choose to form.

Best regards