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Deepak # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 9:35 pm

In the Buddhist concept of dependent arising, no thing inherently has any true essence. Every thing (that we refer to as things that is) is just an every changing whole called consciousness. In my exploration, I have seen that this is so true for even the identity “I” that we refer to ourselves as. Everything that I think I am, my thoughts, my imagination, ideas etc., they are just pieces of reality that I rearrange using my mind. But the original pieces are again dependent on other things and so on. For example: say I think about my genes, I would say I got it from my parents, my parents would get it from their parents etc. Its a chain and I cannot find the original essence for just about anything. Consider scientists, most of the inventions stand on the shoulders of many other failed experiments etc. If someone did come up with an original idea, where did it come from? Did it come from the entity he calls ‘I’ or just from life itself?

Another very thought provoking idea is with regards to the present moment. The idea that there is really no doer. Say I am typing this, at the exact present moment when I am typing an unknown force is just making me type this and then very quickly in retrospect my mind claims that “I” have written this. Its almost like things happen in an unknowable dimension and we can only see ‘happenings’ vs. ‘doings’. In the topic discussed here, the question that comes to my mind is “who is nice?”

I see the tendency of being nice almost like a powerful social mime to get ‘status’. Its a win-win situation in some ways since you try to give the other person what he wants and get what you want in exchange for that. People are hypnotized into believing various things and getting them out of it is quite difficult since they have their entire social circle to validate their beliefs. Every person has a unique conditioning and with reasoning from my first two paragraphs, I cannot figure out why its like that. We have concepts for selfish, selfless, compassion, good/bad, right/wrong etc but they are different for different paradigms (cultures say). Its almost like I cannot point my finger at anything, since that things just existing in relationship to EVERYTHING else, all coming from an unknowable source at the present moment.

In my opinion, every human interaction stems from a basic need for stimulation, validation, acceptance, security, belonging. If the person has transcended all these needs and is operating purely from compassion and a transcendent world view, that would be quite fantastic, but most of the people we meet day to day are not in this category right.

I would love to hear other people’s opinions or arguments on the above. Sorry if I digressed a bit from the topic, but I thought these concepts would open up new dimensions to the discussion.