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Manimal # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 8:47 am


Yeah, authenticity vs fake ego nonsense is of the essence here, and in most issues.
It’s not just about this “niceness” concept, but about so much other stuff, and most of the stuff people call “emotions” and even “love.”

Compassion/empathy is another classic example. What most people consider “compassion” and “empathy” are really nothing more than superficial ego sympathy. And most people only do that stuff so they can feel good about themselves and/or get other people to like them. Just like “being nice.”

Authenticity is the key to just about everything, people need to get back to being REAL, instead of creating these shields of illusions between themselves and the world.
Anything that isn’t authentic is deception, per definition.

As for the “cold hard truth” being the nicest thing sometimes… how about ALL THE TIME?
Because what are you really doing when you sugarcoat the truth? Blatantly LYING!
And how does it help anyone? It doesn’t!
We have a word for that where I come from, we call it “björntjänst,” meaning “bear favour.” Doing someone a “bear favour” means doing something with (false) “good intention” which really only leads to misery.

This stuff is pointed out by just about every branch of eastern philosophy, especially buddhism, and it’s pointed out in many western branches of philosophy as well. In the teachings of many native cultures as well.

It’s also explained in the beginning of the bible, when “Adam is hiding from God.”

People need to BE REAL. I’m sick and tired of all this fake bullshit, and so is the world. Just look at what’s going on. If this shit keeps up, things will go to shit very soon.