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Dan # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 8:37 pm

@trek79, ‘Fixing’/repositioning my clothing when I feel they are giving a poor representation of the figure of my body.
Always having some sort conscious awareness of my posture and body movements – how people are seeing me.
Making sure the waves, flips, and folds of my hair are in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement every time I look in the mirror.
Adjusting the tone and character of my voice in attempt to be better received by specific people or groups.
Thinking about a text message for ~5x longer than I would think about what I’m saying if it were face-to-face.
Rereading internet posts before I send them to make sure they embody the type of person I’m trying to be perceived as.
Engaging in the act of greeting people I know who aren’t my friends as if they are my friends in attempt to make myself feel like I have friends.
Pretending I’m too cool for you.
Pretending I’m smarter than I am.
Pretending I’m different.