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Lisa # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 9:12 am

@caoimhesweeney, I’m on the same page as you. People looking for sympathy for depression are themselves weak… I actually look down on them. I have the “i don’t care” attitude either.. am I horrible? Maybe. Maybe not.

I believe it’s something you power through as well.
I go through a depressed state of mind more so in the winter months, who doesn’t?
I’ve come to feel that when you’re down, those are the times you need to reflect the most, to train your mind to deal with your thoughts and feelings. Not necessarily a time to dwell in them and look for sympathy as they continue to consume your existence.

A depressed state of mind is a not a healthy one, nor a fufilling one. Move on and stop and complaining. I don’t care either… I have one person in my life I’ll talk to abou this, but he is the same way. We talk about how we are working on it, and how we are going to drudge through it this time, making our minds stronger as to not become depressed in the first place. Making sure we’re active enough to get those endorphines going and not become lazy, which helps that depression settle in in my opinion. And we talk about how weak everyone with “depression” is.

I think it’s a state of mind that you can change. It just takes work. But I don’t care either to hear about sob stories of the weak minded.