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Sandy # Posted on October 17, 2013 at 9:05 pm

@stonedragon21, Amazing about your son! Have you read Carol Bowman’s books? She writes on the subject.

I just finished a professional training for Past Life Regressions with Dr. Brian Weiss, and I’m developing a TV series about validating past life memories.

Yes, it is all about LOVE on the deepest level. But there’s an intermediate level of meaning that I think is useful. This is the cosmology as I understand it:

We all came from a source, a kind of big, bright, loving sun or God or whatever you want to call it. From that source, countless energies—souls—separated into individual identities. Each of us is one of those.

We explore and participate in life, incarnated on places like Earth, in order to have experiences, to learn and grow, even in our limited capacity. The one thing an omniscient source can’t know is ignorance, and with it, limitation, fear, unknowing, surprise. When you exist outside of time, you must make a concerted choice to live linearly, from the start to the finish. It’s like having all the pages of a book spread out in front of you, but we choose to read them in a certain order, to have the experience of the story unfolding.

We are on an arctic expedition full of deprivation, disconnection, and suffering…but also growth, joy, revelation, and love. We each chart our own path through many lifetimes, to evolve spiritually. Eventually we reach a level where we transcend this small existence and realize that we are all connected, there is no fear, there is no death. When we have learned our lessons, we are able to help others.

That’s the story as best I can make of it. It’s similar to what Neale Donald Walsch describes in his book “Conversations with God.” And here’s a link to a thought experiment by Alan Watts that references the same idea: