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lifegamer # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 6:48 am

@arijos0222, Sweetness, if you honestly feel insignificant, dysfunctional, unadjustable, unsustainable…You have the means to change your present ‘status’, much like a Facebook page…Post a new pic, or delete your profile entirely, yes? Yet, even if you chose to chuck your story/delete yourself, you are still ‘in there’, just not seen by those who are not skilled with system’s programming (the Nature of stuff)…See? :)

It gets verrry boring being ‘Almighty’ all the time, thus Creation is simply for “shits & giggles”…And ya gotta admit, Humanity’s idiosyncrasies provide grand comic relief…even to Ourselves. Find the funny…be fun…Laughter truly is the best medicine. :D

I’ve been following the word “Amazing” for the last 2 years…Wherever I see this word, I go with it. I have yet to cease in being Amazed of this journey. Just a thought…Hope it rings yer Soul Sounds. Blessings to finding your groove. <3