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Sandy # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 9:58 am

@stonedragon21, I’m glad what I wrote helped in some way. This past year has been revelatory for me, and my understanding about the way things work has changed my outlook dramatically.

Neale Donald Walsch and Alan Watts are both cheeky rather than reverent, so be prepared for that. Brian Weiss and Michael Newton came from very Western/science backgrounds, so for me it’s fun to watch them get pulled from the analytical to the mystical.

About your son, I am only documenting stories from the beginning of the story (in other words, we film people having a past life regression, then film the research and follow-up) so we can tell the entire story from start to finish without recreations or references to things we don’t have on camera.

But Carol Bowman collects stories of children’s spontaneous past life memories. I suggest you contact her. I imagine there’s a whole community of parents who have experienced similar things, too.