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Fernando # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 7:31 am

Every time I caught myself in these thought, I always end up thinking: Wait a sec… does worrying about it change something? Then answer will always be no.

There is one certain thing for us, we will die. Someday, somehow. If you knew you would never die, you will keep living forever, would you still want to do things like now? Knowing that you would have an infinite amount of time to do it? Death is what keeps us alive, it is what makes the contrast with life. We think life as a duality, always with two sides, black and white, light and darkness, life and death, good and evil, God and devil. What we often fail to see is how essential they are to each other, they are extreme poles of the same thing. Think in a magnet, you have a north pole and a south pole, if you cut them in the middle, you will have 2 piece with a new north pole in one, and a new south pole in another. Alan Watts says it perfectly: How would you know you’re alive unless you had once been dead?

Responding to your question: Yes, we do live in order to die, and that is what makes us alive.