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Bono # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 1:27 pm

@trek79, i like this ‘maybe the illusion is that we are perceiving’. thats what i was trying to say in my own way haha.

‘So the only difference between existing and not existing is the illusion that we are existing’. if you meant it like this ‘only difference between my existence and my non existence is the perceiving that i exist’ then i agree. ‘but that difference in itself proves there is something that can make that distinction evident’. well when we exist, that illusion of perceiving exists with us so we can perceive our existence. we cant perceive our nonexistence since we wont exist then. but we know its there because reality existed before me, only now i can perceive it.

‘Nothing perceives nothing, not even itself, the illusion of perceiving at least needs something to separate it from nothing, otherwise it is just nothing.’ well some things also perceive nothing, not even them themselfs :P

‘The perceivers do not have to exist somewhere’. i dont get it. so you exist nowhere?