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Manimal # Posted on October 26, 2013 at 6:35 pm

@ginnyg, I don’t believe in humans, they aren’t real. I believed in humans when I was a kid, then it turned out it was just mom and dad wearing masks.
I should have known they weren’t real, there are no humans, just tooth fairies and elves pretending.

On a more serious note… human is a species, not a race.

“is whether or not there is hope for the human race?”

-What hope? To achieve what? How? Why? Against what odds? When?’

Your question is too vague, and since people have different ideals and agendas there is no simple “yes or no” answer.

“Can we come together and make a better and more amazing world?”

-What’s wrong with the world that birthed us? Really? How is it lacking in the amazing department, at all? Does it need fixing? How and why?

Why should we come together? Most of the global problems are a result of people coming together and trying to change stuff.
Everything was fine before humans started meddling.
Humans were fine until this whole society circle jerk got out of hand.
People are full of hope and faith and amazed at the world, until they come together and adopt each others’ fears and misconceptions.

People are strong and free, until the endless invitations to depend on others breaks them in and they become pathetic and miserable. Strong and free, until the appeal of instant, effortless gratification lures them in. Strong and free, until they replace quality with quantity.
Strong and free, until they limit their existence just to avoid upsetting others.

Strife, conflict and yearning is in our nature. It is the very essence of life and evolution.
To oppose this, and thereby pinch of the flow of life, is what causes misery and massive problems.
Opposing human nature is what makes people so hopeless, it is self-loathing and disrespect of the world. My friends call such people “unhuman,” and it is not hard to see why.

Things were fine until people started coming together to fuck shit up. Trying to fix it with yet another work-around is just like fighting fire with gasoline. Losing the battle before it’s even started.

But that’s what brings the hope back. Life, evolution, etc… it’s all a learning experience. Trial and error, learning from mistakes.
Those who keep up with this silly game will wipe themselves out eventually, and those who stayed out of it will learn from it and remember to stay away from that nasty path. So, in the end it all, works out.

The world is amazing and beautiful, always has been, always will be.
It’s only when people mess with it that things turn to shit.

Take a few steps back, back to humanity, away from this wretched society, and all will be fine.
Nature is awesome, don’t antagonize it.

You know what they say, “Mother knows best.”

And that, as they say, is that.
Peace and love