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Anonymous # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 6:03 am

@blankey, But why can’t we, as people who are all responsible for not messing this up, work together to make it better? Why does it have to be working alone?
@manimal, the purpose of this question wasn’t to get a yes or no answer! It was to get elaborate answers that explained the opinion of the person that says yes or no- when being asked if one has faith in the fact that their own species will not destroy everything, there can be only elaborate answers, even if they aren’t communicated fully through the keyboards in front of us. I love what you said; take a few steps back to humanity and away from society- because our society, what we’ve made it out to be, is really the root of all of our problems, isn’t it? We consume too much because we’ve been made to believe that’s the right way to live, we ignore problems just because they aren’t directly affecting us because we’re more interested in the junk on TV, and we’re not taking care of each other!
@harrymcalister, best of luck to the earthworms ;) who knew they had that hidden agenda, eh?