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Josh # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 6:47 pm

@ginnyg, I have to look at all the other mass movements throughout history. It’s going to take maybe one person or a group of people but they have to set basics guidelines. Live in peace and harmony with nature and all living beings. We’re all equal, from the smallest insect to the larger animal. Do everything with love. That’s just simple ideals to follow and it only takes some good speakers, very charismatic people to spread the word. Have a plan of how to do it. Organized people for an organized movement to clean up the planet and societies. Get us away from being consumers and get us living and caring for our real home, earth.

We just need to have everyone wanting the best for the next generation. We have to be less self centered and more community centered. Definitely drastic changes need to be made and as I said before that may take a crisis but hopefully not. We need eliminate the entire right or wrong in regards to beliefs. That will take lots of speaking the message to the masses.