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Cody # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 7:37 pm

@bradydunnn101, My dreams are the same way. I’m never anxious in them and am very outgoing, kind and playful; and the people in the dreams are never judging me off my looks or style or anything, they seem as free-spirited and worry-less as me. It’s made for some fantastic dream relationships and I almost feel I’ve experienced more love and compassion and friendship in my dreams than I have in reality. So I’ve been trying to figure out lately what it is about dreams that lets us behave so naturally in them. I notice within 30 seconds of waking up that a switch is flipped and my thoughts are very cyclical and worrisome. I think about all the shit I have to do and things I should have done and it can be like a swarm of anxieties.

I’ve been trying to pay close attention to the moment we fall asleep and the moment we wake up, and everything that happens inbetween. Have you noticed you can never quite recall the last thought you had before falling asleep? It’s a very subtle transition from thoughts and memory to visualizing and being. If we could harness that mindset and access it consciously, perhaps we can live more dream-like.

I like the law of attraction too and have witnessed coincidences that are a little bizarre. I’ve also had dreams that were premonitions, and when I actually live the situation everything feels like deja vu. Also DMT is related to dreaming and has a very similar onset where the lines between reality and dreamland are blurred and it’s hard to remember quite when and how. I also feel very at-home and self-confident in a DMT trip, my worldly worries just disappear. Coming down leaves a feeling of refreshment, like just waking from a night’s sleep, and reassurance that life is bigger than we understand and all going according to plan. Specifically on my most recent breakthrough, time unified. It may sound a little crazy or fictional, but I believe I saw the future. More than that, I could see my past, present and future at the same time. It was total awareness of my existence and what it becomes. It was the closest thing to what I imagine enlightenment would feel like and was extremely gratifying… but I wasn’t able to bring any of that back except the memory of the feeling and a cheap metaphor that it was like watching every channel on the T.V. at once.

I’m still trying to figure out how this all fits together and how it can be used. It’s a little insane so it’s hard to talk about with people or even understand myself.