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Ray Butler # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 7:03 am

@allysondayle, You cant tell because drug induced states cause you to stop thinking rationally. You indulge drugs because you do not want to rationally process all the shit you do with your life, because you are worried you will be hit with a tonne of guilt about it.

Dwelling on things that have happened or may happen is no way to go through life, all you can do is your best, even if that is a dismal failure, it doesn’t matter, you have nothing to feel guilty about if you make a heartfelt effort in what you do, it is the rest of the world that fucks you, not you yourself.

Then you can go on to see how the world fucks people over, adapt to it and find better paths to tread. But first you have to get over yourself as the problem.