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inna # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 5:13 pm

@allysondayle, slowly start learning and incorporating coping skills and look up dbt or cbt which are techniques therapists use but you can dissect them yourself. Journal all that stuff since its super easy to forget your newly recovered insights and get stuck in same ruts over and over again. It is like learning a long dance – get a few moves down at a time and refresh your memory often. Read empowering books along the road, you’ll find many more handy tips and knowledge really is power when it comes to learning about yourself and how the human mind / overwhelming emotions / behavior works. When you are ready to transition, make small progress into taking less or reserving it for emergency situations (obviously know how the drug works, for ex if its a benzo you could do that but with ssri’s you can’t really take it when needed since that will just make the brain chemistry much worse).
I understand how you feel, and such drugs likely alter people’s personalities so don’t be surprised to learn more new things about your sober self.