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x # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 5:47 pm

@allysondayle, The simple answer, which isn’t too pleasing, these pills just don’t work in the long run. What they do is numb down your feelings in life. You described it yourself when you said, ” It works I guess. I still think about all the same stuff I just don’t get worked up about anything”. You don’t get worked up because your numbed out.

Know that you were not born with this issue. Thats the usual bullshit doctors tell people these days. That they have a chemical imbalance in their brains and these pills will help it stay balanced. Its not true. There’s a reason why I’ve seen so many posts on this website similar to yours, and heard from many of my friends who say, “they are sad and these pills sort of work but not really”.

Before you can be happy, you must love yourself. And before you love yourself, you must know yourself. Although @shomari, doesn’t seem to agree, psychedelics can make amazing differences in life, and truly can cure depression in a few hours if the right set and setting is implemented.

If you dont believe me, their are experiments that are being done in the UK that are looking very promising, as far as psychedelic drug use goes, to cure depression. Here’s two articles to show you where they are at right now:

However, I can tell you personally that LSD and mushrooms have both helped me tremendously with my depression. I am no longer “depressed” I just have an off day about once a month. Many people on this site will also back me, because I have talked to numerous people here that have been changed forever in an extremely positive way.

If you aren’t looking for a solution like this then I recommend meditating to get closer to yourself. You have to find ways to get to the core of your soul and ask yourself why your wasting time being sad when you are here RIGHT NOW, Alive!!! You are a life form having a crazy experience in a strange universe that is infinite and never ceases.

I wish you the best of luck, and I hope some of this helped :)