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Desirea # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 4:59 pm

I can relate I took medication for over a year until I was finally tired of being numb. I can tell you from experience that no one truly understands what your going through and you would exhaust yourself trying. I still have “uninvited thoughts” but have learned to laugh about the and then choose something different. I bought a Journal – 4 years in the making… I write.. every single time I’m upset or can’t stand something I write about it and then I try to figure out why but even if I can’t figure out why it helps me create some space around the issue. Over thinking is destructive, try more and more to listen to you gut and not put so many words into describing feelings – it dulls them. Be aware of your feelings, create space around them and just for a moment sit and feel them. If sitting bothers you take a walk. Emotional reactions don’t last more than 10 minutes so anything after that you can reassure yourself your just holding on to the past..
I hope this helps… You’re not alone. You matter – discover yourself and you’ll learn to love it, I promise.