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freeflow # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 1:01 pm

@newday, I’m saying the LAST thing you want to do is fight the paranoia. Just allow it to be and it will dissipate. You attract that which you repel.

I smoke both in social and private settings. When I had less control, private was better, even though that sometimes got too intense. When in social settings, it definitely has to be around people I’m VERY comfortable with and doing things I want to do. If not, I seem to fall into the pit of over-analyzing to the point where I don’t say a word because every thought is interpreting the external reality in some light that I do not like. However, you can get out of there once you step in, and when you do get out of that state and back into your own energy, things are awesome.

It’s like, when you’re alone, you’re downloading energy and when you’re with others, you’re uploading energy. What you have to do is allow it ALL to come through, though. Any part that has resistance will bottleneck until it blows, which, I suppose could manifest as paranoia, or any other thing viewed as negative.