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Di # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 1:54 pm

@newday, I really don’t know what answer give you on this questions as I ask this myself sometimes. As I listened to many spiritual masters ( Mooji, Osho…) they seem to be NOT against the drugs, but they do seem to follow the natural flow. ( If I find the videos, I will send them to you).
Up to this day I’m trying to figure out psychedelics- what purpose do they REALLY bring, are they meant to be there to help us reach certain states of consciousness and help us understand the purpose of life more. It’s like an unstoppable race of thoughts/questions. Or is this a little trap….Like the “apple” from Adam and Eve…and we were never meant/supposed to try it. ( hehe, i just had that kind of vision of it one day).
And as for Yogis, monks etc. , perhaps they have already naturally achieved that state through meditation or such, that they don’t feel the need of adding any substances to their practices. Although, I have read somewhere, that supposedly monks take small amounts of MDMA during their meditation. Interesting.

“Do you think that is because psychedelics can expose some people to too much stuff about our existence all at once which can be basically too much for them to handle?”- You put it very well. And those were my thoughts when I started waking up to the truths of life. And I also believe that thats the main reason why people are afraid to take psychedelics at all or meditate and go deep down into the depths of themselves to discover the hidden treasures.
I myself struggle with that fear sometimes. That I might just find out to much and wont be able to handle it all in such environment of untrue people ( society,media, etc).

I definitely don’t regret my choice on taking psychedelics. And I will definitely choose to take them again if I had to go back in time and had same choice.
I just know that I have a purpose now. That there is a treasure awaiting on a self-discovery-latter. And my purpose is to keep climbing that latter until i reach the top.
It opened up many doors for me. Even though I feel a little bit “drained” at the moment , since I haven’t tripped for a while (as i mentioned) and had been going through some personal harder times. I just feel that I need to make a bigger progress on my spiritual journey. I feel it calling me. And I just dont know which direction to go- Stick to psychedelics or meditation.
I want to continue with psychedelics, it’s just that my only option now is to take them by myself. ( I lost contact with my partner, and we were guiding , holding each others backs through our psychedelic journeys). And im just afraid for some reasons to trip on my own. So im pretty much trying to figure that out and go over my fear.

I can resonate with you so much! :) It’s as if im reading my own thoughts, feelings as I read your post. Especially here- “Psychedelics have made me become a much more aware person but also a very sad one…Because I think a lot and I know that it is all a lie/illusion (as you said!).Unlike the majority of the society, I don’t live for the weekend, getting drunk, christmas or shopping anymore…does that make sense? Do you not think it would have been better to live an illusion and be happy? ( it is a bit off topic I know!)”

I feel the same way. If looking at myself from the outside, I might seem to become a more serious, “sad”, mad person, but from the inside I feel much more at peace then before. I feel clear, healed.
Althoug, to be honest, I can’t really remember how it was/how I was before I “woke up” through psychedelic usage. Hm pretty interesting as I think about it now. Do you have that too?
And yes, I think a lot and question reality/myself a lot. But I guess it’s pretty cool. I got something to do and I like that little “exploration Quest” :)

I have read a post on HighExistence once, that went something like this “imagine how your life would be now if you have never taken psychedelics. What kind of person would you “REALLY” be at the moment” and this got me thinkin ALOT up to this day. I didn’t really like that statement as it made me feel bad inside. That maybe I would be a completely different person. The one I should be from the beginning?
But then I dont like to think this way. It gives me negative vibes lol.
I believe everything happens for a reason and serves us certain purpose.

And I feel you on ” I dont live for the weekend, get drunk, shop, holidays…” That’s what “changed” about me to. Or perhaps was awakened heh.
But Im trying to see it in positive way. Now, I feel like im creating my little world. Of my dreams, skills, imagination… I just have to give more passion and energy into all this.
Plus I think it’s a good thing that you dont feel like getting drunk anymore, living for the weekend like EVERYONE else, goin shopping or celebrating christmas. It’s ALL a routine that we all need to break free from and focus on life’s real important priorities.
It’s all for the benefits to media, society and all those evil people on top. Eh…
Those routines are here to make us feel “comfortably numb” and literally live as robots, or computer programs that are controlled by someone else and we are not living to our true potentials. And the possibilities are endless.

Ah…as always, I have SOO much I wish I could share and write down , but language seems as a huge limitation ( and in my case , English too , as its my second language).

And if I think that it would have ben better to live an illusion and be happy?”
Idk, that brings it back to my question ” how would our lifes look if we never taken psychedelics”.
We don’t know that. But pretty much with this knowledge we have, we can easily assume and figure.
But if I would like to live an illusion and be happy?
Hm…I think I prefer where I am right now (even if it might seem harder at some point) Why? Because I believe that sooner or later everyone of us will have to face the truth. I believe that this is the big purpose and secret of life. That’s why maybe we die and the come back again. To keep the self discovery until we reach that point. I dont know. The questions could go on and on…
But also why we might feel that the illusion life would be better/happier is because the bigger % of people is still unconscious/ not awake and living a zombie life. So they have their own little world , created by societies etc, that seems to be a hell lot of fun life. They just follow the rules and feel safe. They are afraid to step out of box, because it seems unsafe and they will be lost if they have noone to “control them”.
So WE- the awakened ones, feel pretty lonely , as there is still not many people with higher awareness. (even though there is a huge progress! and there seems to be so many more people awakening). And I bet that if life would be like it was in 60’s , where everyone lived the same, one, TRUE purpose , we wouldn’t ask questions like ” would it be better to live an illusion?”. Because we would have each other, we wouldn’t feel left out. You know what I mean?

Sorry this is long, but I enjoy expressing myself on this website, as I myself don’t really have anyone to talk to about all this :) So im glad there is so many like minded people on this forum that are open to share their ideas and questions :)

So by summing it up, I feel that psychedelic are definitely a door opener. But the true journey really starts if we decide to enter them or not. And of course we should enter. But not many stay truthful and faithful to that path. They don’t understand the bigger picture of the purpose that these plants give us, so they decide to either give up and come back to the old life-style or use these plants to gain the “evil power”.
So,in my opinion, to keep sanity in you and don’t go crazy or become unable to handle the experience you gained through psychedelic experience, one should continue with any kind of spiritual practice. Either if it’s continuing with psychedelics, meditation, yoga, sport, goodwill, ANYTHING that suits you.