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Newday # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 12:03 pm

@dida, Thank you for your very detailed comment.
Having taken psychedelics myself, I totally agree with you that they can open up your mind and make you more aware. Why do you think then many choose to take the long route by not taking drugs? for example many yoga practioners? Do you think that is because psychedelics can expose some people to too much stuff about our existence all at once which can be basically too much for them to handle?

I have a question for you…If you could go back in time and not start taking any drugs at all, would you do it?

Psychedelics have made me become a much more aware person but also a very sad one…Because I think a lot and I know that it is all a lie/illusion (as you said!).Unlike the majority of the society, I don’t live for the weekend, getting drunk, christmas or shopping anymore…does that make sense? Do you not think it would have been better to live an illusion and be happy? ( it is a bit off topic I know!)