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freeflow # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 12:27 pm

@newday, it’s actually paranoia that kicked off my spiritual awakening. I had regular stoner highs at first and then I would each time get more and more paranoid until I literally thought everyone was conspiring to kill me. It sounds stupid and I knew how stupid it sounded even while it was happening, but it was as if the thoughts were bombarding me from a place outside of me.

You say you wish she liked you a bit more…I think the thing is you need to like you a bit more. Once I allowed the fear to be there and not worry about what would happen, it disappeared. A few months later, while I was sober, actually, I was gifted with the insight as to why I manifested the paranoia in the first place. That insight told me so much about my character and why I’ve acted how I have throughout my life.